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Calling All Kids!

Calling All Kids! (CAK) is a unique Summer Plus program designed for children who are just finishing Kindergarten in June or who will enter Kindergarten in the fall.  


As our youngest campers, CAK students are assigned to a group of 20 or fewer children for the duration of the program and move through their days with this group.  They experience eight activities, following the same schedule each day, and although the teacher changes from one period to the next, the same support staff members will be with them throughout the day.


We want to see all our young campers learn and grow in readiness for their next steps, so CAK activities feature foundation skills for reading and math, art, science, music and dance, friendship-building, and physical education.  Our program will help your child improve his or her ability to get along with others, share, and strengthen age-appropriate maturity.  


Attendance options are as follows:

  • Full day for six weeks

  • Half day afternoon only for six weeks, or

  • Full day for the first three or last three weeks 


The cost is the same as for a regular Summer Plus enrollment of the same length.



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