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The Morris School District Community School provides before and after school care, called Sunrise and Sunset, for our district children in grades K – 5 every day during the school year. 

If you enjoy working with children in a structured setting, please call us at 973-292-2063, ext. 8313 or e-mail your information to


We will send you an application and call you for an interview. 

Please note that we follow all Morris School District hiring policies, and require fingerprinting and background checks.


Sunrise staff begins their day at 7:00 AM and finishes at dismissal to school. 


Sunset staff arrives between 2:45 and 3:15 (depending on school assignment) and works until as late as 6:00 PM. 


Schedules can be as few as 3 days per week, up to 5.


Staff participates with the children in varied activities throughout the programs, including Homework Time, supervised indoor and outdoor play, art and crafts and games.   


Interested Student
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