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Before and After School Care

The Sunrise and Sunset Programs are available to Morris School District  K - 5 students.

Registration for March will open on Friday, February 10th and close on Friday, February 17th .  

Please email Shari @ for more information. 

Payments will be processed on the 1st of the month, or next school day. 

Sunrise Program

Sunrise starts at 7:00 am and continues until the start of school.

The program is held at the following locations:


 Woodland School

( Woodland, Thomas Jefferson and  Normandy Park Students)


Alfred Vail

(Alfred Vail and Sussex Students)


Hillcrest School

(Hillcrest and Alexander Hamilton Students)


Please Note:

Students are dropped off at the Sunrise sites and busing is provided to transport students to their respective schools. 

The Sunrise program provides before the start of school time to enjoy various activities.

Sunset Program

The Sunset Program runs until 6pm and is held at each elementary school. 

Students are dismissed directly from school to Sunset program.

Program begins with snack,

followed by supervised homework time.

The rest of the afternoon is filled with indoor and outdoor activity including arts, crafts, games, and other fun!

Please email any questions to Jen at


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