Before and After School Care

Registration Materials for the 2020-2021 school year will be available the week of July 13th.


Please understand that this will be just the beginning of the registration process, with more information to come once final decisions are made regarding our return to school in September.


We thank you for your patience, and as we are still working remotely, please email any questions to Jen at

The Sunrise and Sunset Programs are available to Morris School District families for their K-5 students. 


In the morning, there will be breakfast, games, activities and a calm start to the day.


In the afternoon, we serve snacks, dedicated time for homework and play!


The Sunrise Program is held at Hillcrest, Alfred Vail, and Woodland and begins at 7 am.

Transportation on MSD buses is provided to your child's school

The Sunset Program is held at the school your child attends until 6 pm.